A highly experienced woodwind / brass repairer in
Colliers Wood

About me

How it all began


I originally started playing the flute and saxophone in the 70's. After having had a bad repair on my saxophone, I decided to fix my own instruments.

When living in Scotland, I met Kenny Thompson, a clarinet and saxophone player who was opening an instrument repair course at Stevenson's college in Edinburgh, which I attended for 2 years.

Then I took my first job in the trade at All Flutes Plus in London. This has led to a career of over 28 years working for various companies and myself working on a variety of instruments. Some of the most expensive hand-built flutes, restoring American and French saxophones, full system oboes and even repairing trumpets, trombones and brass instruments 

My workshop in Colliers Wood

In December 2019, I opened my own fully equipped workshop in Colliers Wood, a short walk from the tube (Northen Line).

I have been working in cooperation with Northcote Music for over 18 years and  had my previous workshop in their premises for the last 7 years. 

Unfortunately, this music shop is closing down. 

I wish Andy and Julie Staples all the best for the future and thanks them for all the support they gave me all these years.

In 2012,Michael White retired and the shop in North Ealing was taken over by Chimes Music. The shop has now closed, but I am still handling repairs for Chimes Music. 

I hope this gives you a good idea of my repairing background. 

I try to keep all my repair prices competitive, taking into account that I use the best quality materials (short cuts do not work).

The companies I worked for

  • All Flutes Plus, working next to Mike Allen, who now builds MA head joints and flutes and Willy Simonds, now making flutes in Liverpool
  • MKD Oboes, who hand-built full system oboes.
  • Bill Lewingtons, alongside Phil Williams, one to the top repairers in the West End
  • Michael White's, with Bill Wrathel regarded as a top repairer and mouth-piece expert.